Summer Camps 2013

Summer Camp Information & Dates

Our Summer Camps:

Offer many opportunities for your children to learn, enjoy and come here with horses.  We teach safety first, basic horsemanship, from the ground up and equine care & management. We also teach and hone basic riding mechanics, beginning  jumping barrels and poles.

Some camps feature trail riding, other camps teach games on horseback and general riding.

Summer 2013 Dates:

Each camp runs one week Monday through Friday from 8 AM until Noon.

The cost is $250 per week.. Reservations require a deposit, class size is limited.

More more information call Kelly at 520-975-4396.

June 10th, general camp

June 24th, general camp

July 8th , advanced camp

July 22nd , trail riding camp

August 5th, games on horseback


Introducing Kelly Carpenter, Lessons and Training

Sunkist stables proudly introduces our newest riding instructor Kelly Carpenter, she provides an educational opportunity, and horsemanship which teaches riding safety and the care of horses; thereby developing responsibility and self-confidence in young riders and horses. We teach excellent horsemanship including the mechanics of a basic seat and exposure to all types of disciplines.

Sunkist riders is our new 4H group we are looking for interested participants and volunteers.


Kelly has studied under one of the Top Barrel Racing Trainers in the country, is experienced in Dressage and Natural Horsemanship. She has started numerous colts that have gone on to performance careers.



Congratulations To Elizabeth & Byron!

Congratulations! Arizona Dressage Reserve Champion at 1st Level. This is her first season showing Dressage, Sunkist Stables is proud to be represented by such an outstanding team!

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

A Horse Boarding Facility Unlike Any Others



Sunkist Stables is a dynamic horse facility with an extraordinary social dimension. A fun boarding facility and an innovative school for  riding lessons and horse handling instruction.



Our Stable is truly unique in that we are more like a social club than a horse storage facility. We do everything a typical boarding stable does; just a lot more. We embrace diversity, this is a place where each of us can be ourselves, we always treat each other with respect and dignity...and we hold each other to that standard.



Sunkist Stables is more than a place to keep your horse.



The vision of  Sunkist Stables is one of an encompassing equine experience. To bring people and their equine friends together in celebration of each other.



Sunkist is not just a horse boarding, riding lesson or horse training facility. Sunkist is, in addition a vital, dynamic social community.

My Vision

As an owner of a small business my vision for Sunkist Stables is to inspire and nurture the human and equine spirit by providing a quality facility and passion for the members and their horses.